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Tuesday Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin, The CIA Agent

What ever the truth is about the man killed in Pakistan and dumped 'Islamically', but in secret, into the Arabian Sea yesterday, whether that man was Osama Bin Laden or not, in his real life, Osama Bin Laden was a hireling of the CIA from start to finish, along with his cohorts of the so-called 'Al-Qaeda'. Al-Qaeda simply means 'base' and is the CIA's own data base of its operatives originally trained and deployed against the Soviets who invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Now they have apparently been deployed against the US and its allies in the fake war on terror. Whether Osama is alive or dead, or whether he died yesterday or in 2001, or 2009, he lived and died as a CIA agent in the employ of the illuminati globalists. He played his role as he was trained to do. The following article will help to make the right connections so you won't be fooled like the fools who believe everything they are told by their elite handlers and the 'presstitutes' of the main-stream-media.

Osama Bin Laden, Carlyle Group and Mormon Illuminati

Osama Bin Laden's family were business partners with the Bushes:
"The Bin Laden Group (Fahd Al-Rasheed, CEO, Emaar.E.C and Omar Bin Laden, Chairman, Saudi Bin Laden Group, on right) is a multinational construction conglomerate and holding company for the assets owned by the bin Laden family. It was founded in 1950 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Laden, father of the terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden."
"Osama bin Laden worked briefly in his family business and is reported to have inherited as much as $50 million from his father in cash and stock. The Saudi Binladen Group has invested in the Carlyle Group, a global private equity investment firm to which former President George H.W. Bush served as adviser. Former President George W. Bush sat on the board."(Source)
The Carlyle Group, with the Bin Ladens on board, has made significant financial contributions to many of the members of Congress. (Source) The company's lobbying activities were extensive in the few years leading up to 911 and the destruction of the World Trade Towers. (Source)
Interestingly enough, the Carlyle Group was founded by the Mormon Illuminati:
"In 1987 T. Rowe Price director Edward Mathias brought together David Rubenstein, a former President Carter aide; Stephen Norris and Daniel D'Aniello, both executives with Marriott Corp.; William Conway, Jr., the CFO of MCI; and Greg Rosenbaum, a VP with a New York investment firm. They pooled their experience along with a load of money from T. Rowe Price Associates, Alex. Brown & Sons (now Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown), First Interstate (now part of Wells Fargo), and Pittsburgh's Mellon family to form a buyout firm."
Wells Fargo, you might remember is now partially controlled by the Utah Illuminati Eccles family.
The Mellon family has been repeatedly identified as one of the top Illuminati families in America. According to Svali, an Illuminati defector, they sit on the Illuminati Leadership Council for the United States. (Source) They work with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Carnegies, etc in the United States. They also own ALCOA aluminum and are reportedly responsible for the use of Fluoride, an aluminum waste product, and rat poison, being added to our drinking water. (Source)
"Andrew Mellon financed the creation of Gulf Oil which worked closely with British Petroleum (formerly Anglo-Persian). One of their operations was the coup against the Iranian Prime Minister, Dr Mohammed Mossadegh, in 1953. Mossedagh wanted to stop the exploitation of his country, but the Anglo-American Elite conspired against him and imposed on the Iranian people the vicious, murderous regime of the Shah of Iran.
"One of the people involved in the coup was Norman Schwarzkopf senior, the father of the Gulf War commander so honoured by the Queen. This story is told at length in .. .And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Andrew Mellon was also behind the Dawes and Young Plans which financed the Nazi war machine and caused the economic collapse in Germany that brought Adolf Hitler to power. His son, Paul Mellon, was brought up in England, but returned to the United States to attend Yale University, home of the Skull and Bones Society. He turned down membership of that, but instead joined the Scroll and Key, another Brotherhood operation." (Source)

The Marriotts, Eccles, Bin Ladens, Bushes and Mellon family all seem to have found a home with the creation of the Carlyle Group. This could also explain some other interesting Mormon occurences such as:
1. CFR member Jon Hughes appointment as Editor of the Deseret News (Mormon Newspaper)
2. Jon Huntsman Sr and Junior's membership on the Illuminati leadership council known as the Council on Foreign relations.
3. Mormon Bishop, Wally Hilliard's ownership of the Flight School in Florida that trained the 911 hijackers.
4. Mormon politicians connections to Jack Abramoff, whose gambling ship reportedly entertained the 911 hijackers.
5. The firing of Dr. Steven Jones from BYU for challenging the official 911 story.
6. The Eccles family's donations to Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and Eugenics Programs.
7. The honorary doctorate given to mass-murderer Dick Cheney by Brigham Young University.
8. Other Illuminati-CFR members holding various positions at BYU.
The Bin Laden family seems to be a welcome member of the Illuminati as well. An indication that Osama was a Western Intelligence Asset used to bring the United States into the Luciferian "One World Order".



9. The Church News glorified how not one LDS member who worked in the Twin Towers died during 9/11. Prior warnings, insider's information, relocated, and/or asked to stay home?
10. Gordon B. Hinckley's membership on the Illuminati leadership council known as the Council on Foreign Relations as disclosed by now-deceased council member.
11. The photographed (Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune) Masonic handshakes between Gordon B. Hinckley and Bush, Sr. and Jr. and Dick Cheney.
12. The photographed "secret" Masonic Handshakes, (patriarchal grip or sure sign of the nail) between Thomas S. Monson and Bush, Jr.
13. The untimely deaths of any potential "embarassments" such as Paul H. Dunn (induced heart attack) exposed to the public as a liar and son-in-law to Gordon B. Hinckley, Alan Barnes. Alan Barnes confessed to the FBI his signing of bribery checks (scholarships, favors, prostitution) to the Olympic committee as exposed in the SLOC scandal of the Winter Olympics 2002 (Salt Lake Tribune article "The Silent Witness"). Alan Barnes died of an induced heart attack just weeks after his admittance of guilt. (Alan Barnes' admittance into the hospital was witnessed by John Preston Creer, infamous disbarred lawyer who bribed the Utah Public Service Commission in 1983 for utility price increase with the LDS church as the largest stockholder.)
The national publicity of Barnes on trial as the son-in-law to Gordon B. Hinckley would have embarassed the church, who "bought" the Olympics to manually fulfill prophesy of all nations coming unto Zion... Zions Bank and First Security Bank each gave 5 million dollars for the Olympics.
This list of coincidental and untimely deaths and/or imprisonment is actually quite extensive and is listed elsewhere on this site.
The "Reptillian" lie is comingled with TRUTH to lessen the credibility of the Illuminati  information and to instill fear into the masses, much as the "alien hoax" is used to lessen credibility to those abducted, used in mind control, or are a part of the evil...Keep in mind the term, "The Alien Wore Army Books." Much of the mind-control focuses on implanting false memories of aliens, shape shifting, etc.

Klein: Likely Obama pick has bin Laden ties. Business dealing, close contacts with family of terrorist mastermind

freeman-chas-2The Obama administration’s reported pick for a top intelligence post has financial ties to the infamous bin Laden family – including dealings after September 11, 2001, Aaron Klein, Jerusalem bureau chief for World Net Daily, reports from Israel.

Charles W. “Chas” Freeman Jr. (left), the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War, is slated to head the National Intelligence Council, according to multiple reports. Freeman has come under fire in the Israeli media and on some pro-Israel blogs for his sharp criticism of the Jewish state. He also reportedly heavily criticized American antiterrorism policy.

Now Ashley Rindsberg, a Jerusalem-based researcher and blogger for the Daily Beast website, dug up another issue that may cause even bigger worry for the likely Obama appointee – he had business ties to the Osama bin Laden family and strongly defended those connections after 9/11.

Rindsberg documented how as chairman of Projects International, Inc., a company that develops worldwide business deals, Freeman declared in an Associated Press interview just after the 9/11 attacks he was still “discussing proposals with the Bin Laden Group—and that won’t change.”

1-1-1-a43The Bin Laden Group (right: Fahd Al-Rasheed, CEO, Emaar.E.C and Omar Bin Laden, Chairman, Saudi Bin Laden Group, on right) is a multinational construction conglomerate and holding company for the assets owned by the bin Laden family. It was founded in 1950 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Laden, father of the terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.

Freeman told the AP companies that have “had very long and profitable relationships are now running for public relations cover.”

He said bin Laden remains “a very honored name” in the Saudi kingdom.

In a separate interview on September 28, 2001, Freeman told the Wall Street Journal he spoke at the time to two of Osama bin Laden’s brothers following the mega terrorist attacks. He said they told him the FBI had been “remarkably sensitive, tactful and protective” of the family during the current crisis.

The Journal noted Freeman’s ties to the bin Laden family went beyond admiration and business. He served as president of the Middle East Policy Council, a Washington-based Saudi backed nonprofit that at time was receiving tens of thousands of dollars a year from the bin Laden family.

Freeman maintained to the Journal that the bin Laden family company was closely aligned with American interests and that the group was part of the “establishment that Osama’s trying to overthrow.”

gwb-bin-laden-groupOsama bin Laden worked briefly in his family business and is reported to have inherited as much as $50 million from his father in cash and stock. The Saudi Binladen Group has invested in the Carlyle Group, a global private equity investment firm to which former President George H.W. Bush served as adviser. Former President George W. Bush sat on the board.

Rindsberg noted several investigations by U.S. intelligence agencies and journalists of the bin Laden family’s ties to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, raising questions about the authenticity of the family’s claim of distance from the terrorist chieftain.

Vincent Cannistro, a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist, for example, asserts that some bin Laden factions have not disowned Osama.

Also Carmen bin Laden, a sister-in-law of Osama, told Der Spiegel that “Bin Ladens never disowned Osama; in this family, a brother remains a brother, no matter what he has done.”

Freeman heavily critical of U.S., Israel

Meanwhile, Freeman’s likely appointment has sparked concern among the pro-Israel community.

Blogs and Israeli news media websites have been highlighting recent comments Freeman made that are perceived as heavily critical of Israel. [See Mellanie Philips, An American addition to the Islamists' armoury?, The Spectator (UK), February 22, 2008.]

He told the Washington Institute of Foreign Affairs in 2007 that Israeli policy is generating anti-American sentiment while the Jewish state “no longer even pretends to seek peace with the Palestinians; it strives instead to pacify them.”

“American identification with Israeli policy has also become total. Those in the region and beyond it who detest Israeli behavior, which is to say almost everyone, now naturally extend their loathing to Americans,” he claimed.

Freeman lauded Hamas as “is the only democratically-elected government in the Arab world and claimed the terrorist group “is showing that if we offer it nothing but unreasoning hostility and condemnation, it will only stiffen its position and seek allies among our enemies. In both cases, we forfeit our influence for no gain.”

An investigative article by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in 2005 exposed how Freeman’s Middle East Policy Council was peddling to American schools a wildly inaccurate, anti-Israel, Saudi-funded textbook.

His Council joined with California-based Arab World and Islamic Resources in selling to U.S. schools the “Arab World Studies Notebook.” The JTA found the “Notebook” described Jerusalem as unequivocally “Arab,” charecterized Jewish residence in the holy city as “settlement”; labeled the “question of Jewish lobbying” against “the whole question of defining American interests and concerns”; and suggested the Koran “synthesizes and perfects earlier revelations.”

“Freeman is a strident critic of Israel, and a textbook case of the old-line Arabism that afflicted American diplomacy at the time the state of Israel was born,” Steve Rosen, a former top official of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, wrote on his “Obama Mideast Monitor” blog hosted by the Middle East Forum. [See Rosen here and here.]

Rindsberg notes Freeman also heavily criticized Bush’s policy after 9/11. In 2006, in a speech to the U.S. Information Agency Alumni Association, Freeman compared Bush to Caligula and slammed America as a country that “stifles debate at home, that picks and chooses which laws it will ignore or respect, and whose opposition party whines but does not oppose.”  

 and is  

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