A 10 yr old's Profound NDE: 100% Fulfilled So Far. Mission Given to Restore "Plain & Precious Truths" of Original BoM & Bible that Jesus IS God, the Eternal Father ~ BoM: Mosiah 15:1-5, Alma 11: 23-40, Ether 3:14. Original BoM Altered in 1837!
LDS to REPENT! Polygamy IS "Abominable to the Lord" (BoM Jacob 2:24), Masonry & Mormon Temple Rites are Satanic! The LDS Church as "Most Great & Abominable" needs Cleansing! BoM Warns LDS "Saints", Led Astray by Leaders!

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The LDS Church will repent and be cleansed AND THEN will teach the PURE Gospel of God! There is NO Church in Heaven, ONLY Truth! The LDS scriptures warn and foretell of the corruption which would require "much restoration" to restore the pure knowledge of God (2 Nephi 3:24). The scriptures foretell that the pure knowledge that Jesus IS God the Eternal Father will cover the earth.
"Behold this is my doctrine--whosoever repenteth and come unto me, the same is my church. Whosoever declareth more or less than this, the same is not of me, but is against me; therefore, he is not of my church" (D&C 10:67-68). How simple and pure!

SEE pictures to the right of ancient America artifacts discovered in the central area of the United States, carbon-dated and authenticated by the Smithsonian.  

Christ visited the "other sheep" (John 10:16)-- who expected him due to their prophets-- in ancient America! The SECOND COMING occurred when Christ DESCENDED from the HEAVENS in "GREAT POWER and GREAT GLORY"!

This Coming of God (uninspired men mistranslate and misunderstand the Comings of Christ!) established PEACE for 200 years afterwards due to the MIRACLES that happened that day! Today HE COMES as a Thief in the Night.

The uninspired LDS leaders have depicted the Book of Mormon site as Central America and are too prideful to admit their mistake. The landing sites included Florida (Lehi/Nephi) and the Great Lakes ("oceans") area for the Jaredites.

The Book of Mormon's translation by Joseph Smith (before he did his "own will and carnal desires" e.g. masonry, polygamy, took away the priesthood from the women (and blacks), and altered the Book of Mormon with the second printing) did fulfill prophesy and the Lord's will.

Research "the Hopewell culture" and note the timeline given for the carbon dating of thousands of artifacts and note how it corresponds to the destruction/demise of the Nephite people (practiced "abominable" polygamy and was no longer protected by God Jacob 2:23-24, Jacob 3).

We know the Joseph Smith (had "carnal desires" and sinned much like King David), during a time of repentance and communication with God, prophetically stated that Randolph County, MO had originally been the site of the City of Manti in the Book of Mormon. During Steve's NDE he saw the Mississippi river as the River Sidon, with Utah as the site of the Gadianton Robbers and the formation of the Rocky Mountains, Niagra Falls, etc. during the massive world upheaval talked about in the Book of Mormon that occurred during the Crucifixion of Christ (three days of darkness) when the Jerusalem temple was "rent in twain" with "diver earthquakes. 

Many of these ancient America artifacts depict Christ, the cross, the Jewish Menorrah, the dove at the baptism of Christ, etc. The prophet Jeramiah and his and the King's family (daughters Zarah and Hemla) along with Solomon's Treasures and the Ark of the Covenant also left in boats prior to Babylon's invasion and ended up in AMERICA!

Steve was shown this and the treasures of the earth, including the "Lord's Gold Mine" which he purchased 18 years after his NDE and which was then stolen through Zion's Bank, Barrick Gold, bought of Judges, Lawyers, BLM, etc. just as God told him. Now the tide is turning and we get it all back for the building of the Cities of Peace which scriptures foretell will be built before the next Coming of the Lord! 

Today, Christ Comes as a Thief in the Night to those with a pure heart (witnessed by other) just as the Millennium began as a Thief in the Night on April 6, 2000.This is confirmed by an understanding of the scriptures in Revelations which prophesied the "overlapping of the sixth and seventh seals", meaning the 6,000 years (of Lucifer's evil influence) and the commencement of the 7,000th year reign --1,000 years--of this earth blessed by the Lord's influence. 

It is a transition period of corruption being exposed (via the internet--Isaiah's "shouting from the rooftops") and divine truths being revealed as given at this site! Steve Davis is only Steve Davis, who knows the truth, has fulfilled a 50 year mission for the Lord filled with actions not understood nor to be judged by uninspired people!  In Heaven,there are NO religions, only TRUTH!

As we briefly stated earlier (see other page on this site entitled "Near Death Experience"), the plain and precious truths presented here have a firm foundation of not only a deep, clear understanding of the scriptures, but a profound Near Death Experience (NDE) experienced at the pure age of ten. 

This individual, Steven C Davis at the age of seven had already experienced an encounter with his Guardian Angel. Steve had his foot caught in the stirrup of a run-away horse in the desert of Arizona. His life was in danger as the horse's hoof sliced his dangling wrist (and artery). His Guardian Angel appeared and "the horse abruptly stopped" as reported in a news article. The seven year old boy recognized his Uncle DeMar who had died six months prior to this incident. Due to this experience, the young boy studied the scriptures (Book of Mormon, Bible) to find out about God and angels.

Then at the age of ten, Steve's mother had a series of three identical, consecutive prophetic dreams about one of her sons that would be injured, but would survive and who  had a mission for the Lord (recorded in her and her husband's journal).

On the fourth day, Steve was accidentally shot by his top Mason/Mormon father, a geologist for the government and for the LDS church. Miracles occurred while his body was in a coma for three days and his Soul was in Heaven being taught more than anyother NDE every reported. Steve was shown his "True Love" (see her story in a short bio below), a gold mine, the treasures of the earth including Solomon's Treasures, the corruption of the LDS church as the "MOST great and abominable church", the Cities of Peace, etc.

He awoke from his coma after these three days in Heaven and wrote a parable. He had to stay quiet about all that he had learned for 35 years and then he had to begin preaching repentance to the MOST corrupt church on this earth e.g. the LDS Church as the "great and abominable" foretold in the Book of Mormon and Isaiah.

The corrupt money changers ("Rameumpton" leaders) need to repent from the belief and practice of polygamy which is and has always been "abominable unto the Lord" (Jacob 2:23-24). They need to repent for altering the Book of Mormon and taking out of it the "plain and precious truth" that Jesus Christ IS the Eternal Father (see scriptures listed in heading on this page).

They need to repent for taking the Priesthood away from the women (and the blacks who had it politically restored so that the church did not lose financially from government sanctions). They need to repent for having a "King"/President position when it should have ALWAYS been just a body of pure-hearted witnesses (Apostles) for the Lord (WOMEN and men). In the Millennium, there will be 12 women and 12 men called, please see the "24 elders" as mentioned in Revelations of the Bible! The LDS Church needs to repent of all Masonic blood oaths (Satanic) required in ALL LDS temples which are condemned by God!

This ten year old boy experienced 3,000 years (one day in Heaven is equivalent to 1,000 years on earth) of learning and remembers everything. He is a genius with a photographic memory and is called "crazy" by the guilty money changers, their blindly-obedient and bought off "hit men" (Judges, lawyers, company men, church employees, etc.) and Masons who have stolen his gold mine, uranium assets, etc. which he was shown in Heaven. He was told he would lose everything to the money changers and that he would get it all back! The documented theft would be used to convict the money changers of their crimes. All LDS members are Sons and Daughters of Perdition due to their blind obedience to corrupt leaders and for denying the Holy Ghost (Spirit of God) as they are NOT truth seekers as God commanded us to be! 

Steve was shown the anti-Christ, the "next called apostle" who would lead the saints astray e.g. Gordon B. Hinckley. He was shown Lucifer and the true knowledge of the war in heaven not taught in any religion. There is much repentance required before the good of this earth comes forth as the corruption needs to be exposed.


There is precedence of a similar “calling” given to Mormon, a great ancient American Prophet and compiler of the Golden Plates/Book of Mormon. He was also called by the Lord at the age of 10. This NDE was preceded by three dreams experienced and recorded in personal history journals written by his Mother and Father.  He was taught in Heaven for three days while his body was in a coma after being accidentally shot and miraculously being healed.  While he was in the St. Mary's Hospital in Tucson, Arizona, the Prophet David O. McKay and all of the Apostles prayed for this young boy.  There were concerned for the father, who brought in billions of dollars as head geologist for the church would be arrested for negligent homicide. All of these LDS Leaders received an impactful spiritual witness (probably the first in their lives), that this young boy had an important mission for the Lord to restore the "plain and precious truths" of the original Book of Mormon after the apostacy and condemnation of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints as prophecied in 2 Nephi 3 and elsewhere in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants.

Reiteration of Important Truths:

 Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS religion, had been warned by God against doing “his own will and carnal desires, he must fall” (D&C 3:1-11). He later got involved in masonry (satanic blood oaths of secrecy) and polygamy, “an abomination unto the Lord” (Moses 5:29, Book: Jacob 2:23-24).

Unknown to most Mormons, Joseph Smith’s repentance is contained in a book by award-winning historian D. Michael Quinn, “The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power:”

June 10, 1844: “Hyrum (Joseph’s brother) tells Nauvoo City Council that the 1843 revelation pertains to ancient polygamy, not to modern times…”  (It never pertained at any time!)

June 20, 1844: “Smith writes the apostles to return to Nauvoo immediately and.., instructs them to destroy their endowment undergarments.”

June 23, 1844: “…Joseph and Emma Smith burn the original manuscript of the 1843 polygamy revelation…”(Quinn 645-46).

Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS religion, had been warned by God against doing “his own will and carnal desires, he must fall” (D&C 3:1-11). He later got involved in masonry (satanic blood oaths of secrecy) and polygamy, “an abomination unto the Lord” (Moses 5:29, Book: Jacob 2:23-24).

(1 Nephi 13 from the original Book of Mormon). Mormon, by the way, was a righteous Prophet/General who lived approximately 312 AD to 399 AD and abridged the records kept by the American inhabitants who knew of Jesus Christ as the Eternal Father (the "other sheep").

Steve's True Love was asked why she spoke with authority on what she knows to be true in a Salt Lake Tribune Posting:

"You have your free agency to think for yourself."

Yes, I do, and that is exctly what I am doing (using agency and thinking for myself) by asking YOU why I should believe what YOU are telling me. And my question remains. So again, I wait, why are you any more credible than any other person or entity out there? Why should I believe what you are saying and not what someone else (ie, LDS church) is saying? And dont side step the question again by giving some lame answer like "use your own research and common sense." That answer (your answer) is the same answer the LDS missionaries gave me when I asked them why I shoould believe them. You sound more like the LDS church than you realize. Another example of you sounding like the LDS church - "... which I know to be correct."
Hi Rut22,
Thank you for asking. Here's a short bio of why I sound and write as I do and why I feel that I know what I know. I was raised in the Mormon church (quite obvious).

However, I began having spiritual experiences since I was four years old, many witnessed by others (family and friends) throughout my life. 

My eyes were opened to the corruption of the LDS church when I prayed about polygamy, heard Hinckley in Gen. Conf. 1996 state "all is well in Zion", was told audibly to read in Alma "there is something for you to find" (Alma 11:23-40), was told audibly that I was to "teach multitudes to wake up the sheep" (given a radio program 2 wks after this), shook the hands of three LDS "Prophets" (found out spiritually that they were NOT!) and in each instance received PROFOUND spiritual guidance that all is NOT well in Zion (Ne 2:28)) and that the "MOST great and abominable church" (3rd mentioned) is the LDS church (1 Ne 13).  This is an incredibly abbreviated explanation, as it would take a book to give it all justice.

God is not boring and the learning does not stop, although my posts might seem redundant at the level that I provide. God is simple and about purity not perfection and could care less about "the great and spacious buildings and temples".

Its about free agency and consequence and not saving others through control (illegal aliens go home and enter the U.S. legally).

The Cities of Peace will be about a simple honor code without rigid rules. I don't want or need money or followers (although I'm happy about those seekers who have found my websites).

I just teach truth as there is no religion in heaven only truth. Tithing to a church does not warrant salvation (does God need the money?) and who tells the LDS temple goers to put on the apron of the "priesthood" (Lucifer). God is not an elitist. 

Then I married my "True Love" who was shown me (at the age of four) during his profound near death experience at the age of ten. His near death experience (accidentally shot by his father) was preceded by his mother's three prophetic dreams (recorded in her journal). While in a coma for three days he was greeted by Angel Mormon and taken to Heaven for three days of incredible teaching which he remembers vividly. He was given a profound mission involving many people and their past lives, etc. He was told that Jesus Christ IS the Eternal Father (Mosiah 15:1-5, Ether 3:14, Alma 11:23-40, original Book of Mormon). He was shown a "mountain of gold" that he puchased 18 years later and as foretold it was stolen by the money changers through Zion's Bank (of 3.8 billion dollar money laundering with Mexico recent fame), Barrick Gold (Bush, Sr. Vernon Jordan on BoDirectors ~ renamed after the theft from the "Golden Age and Golden Eagle Mining Claim" to the "Bull Frog" mine of Nye County, NV). This theft involved incredible corruption of bought off Judges, lawyers, (fulfilled BoM prophesies about Secret Combination corruption of lawyers, etc.), FBI, CIA, "Danite"/LDS hit men corruption and murder attempts, BLM record alterations, etc. This well-documented theft and circumvention of numerous other weathly assets (prolific law suits to establish court records) is now helping to expose political, and religious LDS "money changer's" corruption! There is so much more that he was shown and which he has already fulfilled and its complicated. Is it any wonder that I'm not known for brevity? ; )

He was given a mission to clean up the "most corrupt church" (where much is given much is expected) due to its "follies and abominations" (D&C 124) aka polygamy, Masonry, alteration of the BoM, taking the priesthood away from women and Blacks, Blood oaths (required in all satanic LDS temples), and Blood Atonement (justified murder, sabotage, "accidents" & "heart attacks"), Kings (type and shadow of wicked King Noah, president of the church, etc.

There is no way I'll deny what I know given during, often witnessed by others, spiritual teachings. My posts are geared for those who seek truth. Not blindly-obedient Mormons, hateful ex-Mormons (although I empathize totally), nor atheists or those focused on the monetary, superficial life (can't take it with you!). 
You did ask. Thank you!  
Corruption in Salt Lake City exerpts given below as NO MORE SECRETS reveals and confirms the truth of what we provide as given by God.


Salt Lake FBI office has serious lapses that could jeopardize national security, sources say

May 10th, 2011 @ 10:00pm

Lori Prichard reporting
produced by Kelly Just

SALT LAKE CITY— A pattern of long-term and ongoing problems inside the regional headquarters of the FBIin Salt Lake City could have catastrophic consequences to national security, sources connected to the FBI say. 


Feds slap Zions over billions in illegal money transfers

By paul beebe

The Salt Lake Tribune

First published Feb 11 2011 04:30PM
Updated Mar 22, 2011 11:37PM

Two federal agencies have slapped Zions Bank with multimillion-dollar civil penalties for failing to monitor suspicious wire transfers of billions of dollars related to transactions that may have involved drug trafficking and other crimes.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency on Friday said it imposed an $8 million penalty against Zions for shortcomings in its anti-money laundering controls — violations of the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA Patriot Act.

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network — a Treasury Department agency involved in fighting money laundering — also fined Salt Lake City-based Zions $8 million but said the government would be satisfied by a single payment of $8 million.

“The bank is supposed to file suspicious activity reports if they find suspicious activity, and the bank failed to file those on a timely basis,” OCC spokesman Dick DeBuck said.

“The regulations also require the bank to monitor this wire activity, and the bank did not do that, either.”

Zions did not admit or deny the allegations spelled out in separate documents issued by the OCC and the Financial Crimes Network.

In a statement, CEO Scott Anderson said the bank takes “very seriously our obligations to comply with federal laws and regulations, including the Bank Secrecy Act.”

Anderson said Zions has closed down the business unit handling the money transfers and has been cooperating fully with regulators.

 “Over the past three years, we have employed considerable resources bankwide to significantly enhance our systems designed to detect and report potentially suspicious activities,” Anderson said in the statement.

The OCC said Zions had developed a “remote deposit capture product” that allowed customers to deposit imaged financial documents such as checks into accounts in Mexico and other countries from “remote” locations, ostensibly in the United States.

The product was marketed to “high-risk customers” in 2006 and 2007 “without sufficient regard to (Bank Secrecy and Patriot Act) compliance implications,” the OCC said.

The Financial Crimes Network said Zions failed to report 132 cases of suspicious activity that represented more than $12.3 billion.

“These suspicious activities involved, among other things, sequentially numbered travelers checks, possible black market peso exchange, transactions involving entities and accounts alleged to have been involved in drug trafficking activities and unusual wire transfers,” the Financial Crimes Network said in a document released Thursday.

The agency said Zions processed money transfers that indicated patterns commonly associated with money-laundering, such as the nature of the business, originators and beneficiaries in “high-risk” locations and lacked any apparent business or legal purpose.

DeBuck said the OCC discovered the violations during examinations of the bank. But an OCC statement said the bank later conducted a voluntary assessment of its “foreign correspondent business” after shutting down the unit. Zions then reported suspicious activity to the agency.

According to the Financial Crimes Network, Zions filed 20 reports of suspicious activity after the review. The transactions involved in the activity totaled $11.5 billion, according to the network.

“With these actions, we are sending another strong message that banks need to be vigilant and ensure that they have effective anti-money laundering programs in place,” John Walsh, the OCC’s acting director, said.








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